Caring for your workforce

Help your employees stay mentally and physically well during and beyond the coronavirus outbreak.

As an employer there are several things you can do to ensure you, and your employees, stay mentally and physically well both during and after the pandemic. Your employees will be better able to manage their own health, wellbeing and productivity if they feel supported by you as their employer. 

Thrive West

Thrive West is a new collaborative regional programme to support SME employers with mental health and welling in the workplace. We are launching three components of the programme in July 2020 and will release more information over the coming weeks.

Working safely at home

Government guidance is readily available and provides holistic advice on supporting your employees whilst they are working from home. 

Maintaining mental wellbeing

A change in routine and being forced to work in isolation during these unprecedented times can have a negative impact on mental wellbeing. Support and guidance for supporting your employees’ mental wellbeing here, or visit these resources: