Supporting mental wellbeing

What you need to do

You should encourage all employees, including managers, to look after their own wellbeing whilst working from home.

Why this is important for you

As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, there are many things that might impact on employee mental health and wellbeing whilst working from home - including the following four key areas:

 How can you support your employees?

A change in routine and being suddenly forced to work in isolation can have a negative impact on our mental wellbeing. Continuing, where possible, with daily routines will support their overall wellbeing (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical) and allow employees to maintain an objective sense of the changing situation. This will also allow them to continue to remain productive and contribute to the organisation’s operations. 

Employees with existing mental health problems may be concerned about not being able to access their usual support during this time. As an employer you should consider doing the following things:

Encourage employees to create a plan for themselves and to follow it each day. They may wish to include some, if not all of the following:

 As stated in the communication section it is also vitally important to ensure you stayed connected with all employees, and encourage them to stay connected with their colleagues.

 You can find some suggestions for supporting your employees’ mental wellbeing here: