Supporting musculoskeletal health

What you need to do

Employers need to encourage employees to remain mindful of their Musculoskeletal (MSK) health while they are working from home.

Why this is important for you

MSK health conditions such as back, shoulder and knee pain if not addressed earlier can cause problems in the long run. Work-related musculoskeletal disorders represent 24% of all days lost due to work related health in Great Britain in 2017/2018 (HSE Gov), and stress, anxiety and depression accounted for 45%. MSK conditions are associated with a large number of co-morbidities, including diabetes, depression, and obesity - all further reasons for sickness absence.

How you can support your employees:

Remind all employees that maintaining a good posture and set up are important to prevent joint and body pains, eye strain, headaches and tiredness.

Encourage employees to take a postural break for a min every 20 minutes and encourage short 5-10-minute breaks from work every hour, change in activity and remind them to check their posture, get up from their ‘work area’ and look away from their computer and laptop screens at regular intervals to give their eyes some rest.

Remind employees to check that their laptop or monitor screen is well positioned, lighting conditions are suitable, they have a comfortable chair and that their mouse is kept close to them so that their upper arm is relaxed beside their body will help them be mindful of any adjustments they might need to make to when adjusting to their new work environment.

Remind all employees to visit your organisation’s Display screen equipment (DSE) policy for more information.

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