Graphic depicting people and icons to illustrate the Thrive at Work programme

Wellness Action Plans

Wellness Actions Plans (WAPs) are an easy, practical way of helping people to support their own mental health at work, and if you are a manager, helping you to support the mental health of your team members.


Guide for line managers

Click here to download this guide if you're a manager or a supervisor who is interested in introducing WAPs to your team members

Guide for employees

Click here to download this guide if you want to try a WAP for yourself and introduce the idea to your manager or supervisor

Guide to working from home

Click here to download the guide that has been designed to support people working from home during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Further guidance

See below our templates and guidance for completing a WAP:

  • Click this link to see a example WAP template from Hargreaves Lansdowne
  • Click this link for employee guidance on completing a WAP
  • Click this link for a manager's guide to WAPs