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New EU rules, new opportunities for SMEs

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Below we've outlined the key information you need to assess the new opportunities that the EU rules can bring to your business.


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4 key EU topics we recommend you get up to speed on

Doing business with Europe has changed.

You need to follow new rules on export, import, tariffs, data and hiring. It can be confusing but we're here to help you navigate the rule changes and find opportunities for you to future-proof your business and expand under the new regime.

Delve into the hottest EU topics of data, services, trade and Intellectual Property to learn more.

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What do I need to do?

  1. Check what actions you need to take by visiting gov.uk/transition
  2.  Sign-up for updates and get a personalised list of the channels that might affect you and your business;
  3. Watch the new videos and listen to the webinars to learn more about the transition. 

Keep your ideas your own and protect business growth with Intellectual Property (IP)

UK IP law has changed. Please protect your IP.

Did you know that your IP assets can be integral to the growth and sustainability of your business? When properly managed, the value of your IP can far outweigh physical assets, accounting for over 70% of your business’ value. 

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Dream big with trade, import and export

The opportunities for business growth and expansion with trade are huge. But if you're thinking about trading with the EU, or want to continue trading, there are new rules you need to follow for importing and exporting. This also includes changes to processes and licensing.

Click through to find bitesize information and opportunities for trade with the EU and other global markets.

And if you import food and drink, watch the webinars to find out from from Defra.

Let's talk digital - it's all about data protection

It's vitally important to safeguard and protect the flow of your business data. We're referring the potential impact on personal data, GDPR and cyber security here. 

If you want to jump on the opportunities that e-Commerce and trade can bring to your business, check the guidance and assess your data protection commitments today.

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Make a positive impact on your bottom line with service provision to EU markets

Did you know the UK services sector accounts for nearly 80% of the UK’s GDP and employs 4 in 5 workers across the country?

Let's keep it going. UK businesses in a variety of service sectors can continue to access the EU market, including as business travellers and cross-border services suppliers or investors.

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