Import, export and customs declarations

The Government has laid out plans to ensure businesses across the UK will continue to enjoy seamless internal trade. To ensure businesses can continue to trade seamlessly across the UK as they do now, new legislation will be brought forward to preserve access to all parts of the UK for goods and services.

Import and export made easy with our partners

From 1 January 2021, when you export goods to any country, you will need to submit a Customs Declaration. It can be complicated but ChamberCustoms delivers a Customs Declaration service that takes the hassle out of exporting and importing goods.  

If you want to be able to accurately complete your own simple Customs Declaration, Business West offers Customs Declarations training to highlight how you need to do it. Read about the full offer from ChambersCustoms here.   


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Under plans set out in the UK internal market white paper, the government will strengthen and maintain the coherence of the UK’s internal market, guaranteeing the continued ability of all UK companies to trade unhindered in every part of the United Kingdom. All powers that have been devolved will remain devolved. 

UK internal market white paper

The proposals in the white paper include: 

  • the principle of mutual recognition – regulations from one part of the UK will be recognised across the country to ensure the devolved administrations can set their own rules and standards, but still welcome the trade of businesses based anywhere in the UK

  • the principle of non-discrimination – so there is a level playing field for companies trading in the UK, regardless of where in the UK the business is based.

Protecting jobs

The government is taking measures that will protect the UK’s economy by preventing new burdens on business and provide certainty to support coronavirus recovery.