Mentoring a Bath Spa University Student

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The Industry Mentoring Scheme at Bath Spa University aims to help their students bridge the gap between University and employment.

Cost Explanation: Costs vary subject to client requirements

The Industry Mentoring Scheme at Bath Spa University provides opportunities for students to network and learn from people in industry. Their aim is to raise a student’s sights and broaden horizons in terms of career or learning goals, whilst also developing knowledge, skills and personal qualities that are valued by employers.

It offers a way for Bath Spa University students to bridge the gap between University and employment, by improving their confidence and strategies for entering the marketplace. 

Why should you get involved?

Networks and contacts are important for all of us, whatever business or sector we are in. Bath Spa University's scheme is a catalyst for bring people together.

 Being a mentor can bring a variety of benefits and opportunities:-

  • It could give you access to a pool of potentials employees
  • Personal development for staff in terms of developing coaching skills, which could also be applied in the workplace
  • The satisfaction of helping a student in their journey to achieve their career aspirations
  • Raise your business profile on campus
  • Invitation to the University events and collaborative opportunities

 If you would like to find out further information about the Bath Spa mentoring scheme or would like to sign up please request a call back.

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