Asset Finance


Are you looking to finance assets you already own or fund additional equipment? Bibby Financial Services Asset Finance solutions may be able to help.

Bibby Financial Services offer a range of asset finance solutions including:

  • Leasing, Hire Purchase and Refinance: helping you to invest in assets you need to expand or improve operations machinery, office technology and other equipment, efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Vendor Finance: helping you to turn your prospects into customers by giving you a seamless finance solution to offer them, making you more attractive and more affordable than your competitors.
  • Broker Finance: helping brokers to access additional funding lines for hard and soft assets?

Bibby Financial services can finance the following assets:

  • Soft assets – equipment of limited resale value
  • Office furniture
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Audio Visual and IT hardware
  • Software
  • Factory equipment
  • Hard assets equipment – items with an easily defined value
  • Buses & Coaches
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Construction plant
  • Machinery
  • Cars & Vans
  • Printing
  • Machinery
  • Agricultural & forestry equipment

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