Planning Applications Guidance


If you are planning to carry out any building work on your business premises you will need to check and see if you need planning permission.

Your local council’s website will have a lot of information for planning and building control offering extensive guidance, information and resources on:

• Planning applications
• Local land charges
• Building control
• Planning policy
• Street numbering and naming
• Land use monitoring

Direct impacts on your business

It is your responsibility to ensure you have obtained the correct planning permission for any building works you want to carry out on your businesses premises. Additionally, to ensure the safety and quality of the build you must get either a local authority building control inspector or an approved inspector from a private company to sign off on your build at various stages of construction. 

At the end of the build you MUST obtain a completion certificate. Failure to get a certificate can result in problems down the line should you want to sell the premises or if there is an accident that is a result of faulty workmanship.

Resources you should know about 

  • Pre application advice service by your local authority – for both planning and building control applications

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