Access to Funding

Support with identifying and accessing suitable funding for your business

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Business Doctors can help you access and draw down funding for business consultancy or strategy consulting on expansion and disposal, acquisitions and buy-outs, and more.

Cost Explanation: costs associated - subject to business, size budget and delivery approach

Business Doctors is recognised as one of the leading business support providers in the UK, and has built a portfolio of accreditations and approvals to deliver government funded business support. SMEs often find it difficult and time consuming to track down funding and when they do find it, the red tape and form filling means that it usually ends up on the 'too hard pile'. By aligning themselves with government agencies and support bodies, Business Doctors are well placed to support with access funding.

Access funding support available:

  • Raise financing for start up businesses, expansion and development, re-financing and turnarounds
  • Acquisitions and buy-outs 
  • Disposals 
  • Shareholder disputes 
  • Company valuations 
  • Reconstructions 
  • Matrimonial

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