High Value opportunities

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The High Value Opportunities programme helps UK businesses access large scale overseas procurement projects. It identifies opportunities as they become available and helps businesses secure contracts.


The service can benefit your business by:

  • providing information and support on around 100 major projects, and a clear route to win business from them
  • letting you know about projects at an early stage, giving you a competitive advantage
  • researching and validating projects, saving you time and resources

How the service works

Global High Value Opportunities are worth trillions of pounds in total and cover a broad range of markets and sectors. Each project has contracts with a total value of at least £500 million. At least £250 million of this will be available for UK competition. Through the programme, Department for International Trade (DIT) can:

  • share information with you on major projects and contracts
  • give your company access to a network of expert advisers in the UK and overseas that provide long term support
  • help your company build relationships with stakeholders eg private sector business specialists and other government departments in the UK and overseas
  • put your company in touch with other likely business partners to bid for projects
  • offer lobbying support if needed

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