Investment management and planning

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Digby Associates offer a range of wealth management and investment planning services to help you maintain your financial position and plan for the future.

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Through their range of financial planning and wealth management services, Digby Associates can help you to assess your current position and find solutions to help you plan for future objectives.  Services include:

  • Exit Strategy and succession planning: Help to maximise the value you get from your business and ensuring you market correctly to potential buyers or investors, with minimum disruptions to the business¬†
  • Tax planning: support with tax planning to ensure you are maximising your efficiencies and mitigating risk to your business and investments.
  • Business Protection: Advice and guidance on products and services that will help to safeguard your business against financial difficulties and losses
  • Construction and management of Investment Portfolios for Income or Growth or a combination of the two.
  • Retirement planning:whether you are building your funds for retirement, or have reached pension age and require advice on your options.
  • Independent Mortgage advice: helping you find the right mortgage for your needs.

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